GOODMAN, Mo. — The resignations, three weeks ago, of members of its entire police department hasn’t left the town of Goodman destitute.

It now has a new police chief. It’s former McDonald County Sheriff’s Deputy, Samuel Townsend.

Former Police Chief Adam Miller announced he and his officers would resign following the April 4th election. He cited issues with newly elected mayor, John Bunch.

Fast forward to now — and not only is there a new police chief, but the department is fully staffed. In fact, it received 15 applications.

“The officers that I have, that are working for Goodman, and myself are those kind of officers that are there to help people and make a big difference in the community. It’s not about what we can get out of it, it’s what can we give to the community,” said Samuel Townsend, Police Chief of Goodman.

Chief Townsend also says he holds no ill-will towards former Chief Miller — adding the two are great friends, and Miller has even been a huge help in him making the transition.