DIAMOND, Mo. — Enrollment numbers are on the rise in Diamond, and because of that, school district officials say new programs might be on the way.

It’s one of the latest and most popular trends in education: “E-sports.” According to Diamond School District officials, it might be added to the slate of extracurricular activities at Diamond High School as soon as the spring.

“E-sports is an opportunity to connect with those students that might not be in athletics, or FFA, or band, but there is a niche of kiddos who need an extra-curriculum activity,” said Stacy Flora, Diamond Schools Psychological Examiner/Process Coordinator.

“Really, there is an opportunity to bring together students who might be sports-related and band-related and don’t fit those categories, that can just bring together those that normally wouldn’t be in that environment together,” said Anthony Ficken, Diamond High School Principal.

The entire district’s enrollment numbers are now in the 800s, an increase of over 100 students compared to several years ago. That has school officials wanting to expand the resources they offer.

“We’re always trying to offer opportunities for our kids to get involved with our schools, whether it be E-sports, we have a new AV Club that’s being started, many different opportunities,” said Ficken.

And staff believe that the more students are involved in school-related activities, the better chance they have at success.

“We want those students to have the best opportunity after they leave our district, so we want them to attend college or trade school or get that job they’re wanting. So being involved in school and having fun at school and wanting to attend school helps with those post-secondary outcomes,” said Flora.

The school is hopeful to secure enough grants and donations to have the program up and running by competition season in the spring.