(Image Courtesy: Petzey)

KSNF/KODE A health and wellness company specifically for pets has created an app that connects you with a live veterinarian, day or night. The app, called “Petzey” is a virtual network that provides an on-demand connection to local veterinary resources, knowledge centers, and veterinarians themselves.

Petzey is spearheaded by CEO, Mike Ortega following the loss of his Golden Retrievers in a situation where he wasn’t able to get immediate help when he needed it most. He was inspired to create a platform that is available for urgent matters and non-emergency situations where pet owners may just have a general question regarding their pet.

“I had two beautiful golden retrievers that were part of my family and they both died in my arms, and all I could think when I was holding them was, ‘who can I call to find out what I need to do?’ That is really the genesis for Petzey. I just wanted to create something where I could easily get ahold of someone quickly, and find out what the best thing to do for my pet. If they told me, ‘Mike, you need to bring your pet into the vet right away,’ I would have picked up my dog and carried it down the street. So we created something that is real and provides complete peace of mind at a convenient affordable rate,” said Ortega.

(Image Courtesy: Petzey)

Thanks to a network of “virtual vets,” the app’s platform enables pet parents to connect, on-demand to the right vet for their pet.

“Petzey aims to eliminate the uncertainty that many families face when it comes to the wellness of their pets. We’ve all had this experience where you come home and your pet is sick and so you take them down to the vet and you find out after a $300 bill that your pet just has a cold. This app is the first and only network of its kind that delivers on-demand expertise, all conveniently from your smartphone for only $20 a consultation,” said Ortega.

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Petzey also aims to elevate the veterinary profession, especially during a time when it’s in high demand. In the new sharing economy, Petzey is able to create job opportunities for veterinary practitioners, which generates new incomes in a “one-click” market. 

“Pet ownership has significantly increased in the last 10 years, and in that time pets have gone from out in the yard, to in the house, then on the bed, to under the sheets. What I mean by that is that pets are part of the family now and that’s how we want them to be treated,” said Ortega.

Thanks to this new, on-demand platform, Ortega said connecting with a vet professional is as simple as opening up the Petzey app. “Sometimes, only a consultation call is needed, but if a clinic visit is required, we’ll help you find the right one in your area, too.”

You can find more information on Petzey, HERE.