NEOSHO, Mo. — A new school’s building is celebrating its 125th-year anniversary. Yes, you read that right, the building itself is marking 125 years since its establishment.

That’s the case for RISE Elementary in Neosho, which is in the historic Haas Building on North Washington Street.

Today’s (Tuesday’s) lessons also took kids outside — and back in time to what life may have been like all those years ago. From music to food and toys, they received plenty of help from the likes of the Newton County Historical Society, George Washington National Monument, Neosho Fish Hatchery, and the Wyandotte Nation.

“It’s just been really great to work with the community. It’s great to have a supportive admin that’s there for you and ready to say, ‘Yep, let’s try it,’ and so that’s been really helpful,” said Ashley Anne Cantwell, RISE Elem. 1st Grade Teacher.

“I’m looking forward to the partnership that this is building with our Newton County Historical Society, which is not only for Neosho but for the surrounding area and the history that surrounds our region. And working together with them to appreciate the social studies in the context of the place that we’re in and how that branches out into our further learning,” said Cassie Carnahan, RISE Elem. Music Teacher.

This all started with Cassie Carnahan and Ashley Anne Cantwell wanting to do more than just typical early Thanksgiving-themed lessons.