NEOSHO, Mo. — Over one thousand fans of art and pop culture gathered in Neosho.

It’s the “Artcon 2023” convention, hosted by the “Neosho Arts Council”.

It took place in the “Neosho Junior High School” building.

Many showed up, dressed in their favorite cosplay costumes to participate in activities like trying out different board games.

Around 80 vendors were on hand, offering handmade products, like anime figurines, embroidered clothing, prints, and decor from many artists, shows, and books.

The yearly event raises money for the “Neosho Arts Council”, to help create more art murals in the community.

The funds also help provide student grants and field trips for art education.

Organizers say this event creates a space for people to express themselves and their creativity.

“This is just another opportunity for people to find their niche. And so, you find people who are interested in art, well, now they have a way to expand what that interest is,” said Pris Jeffers-Reed, Neosho Arts Council Volunteer.

“They really do get to express themselves in an artistic way. Sometimes with the games, music, their talents of being able to make their hobby crafts and stuff like that, so, there’s so much here that people share with each other,” said Robert Brill, ArtCon 2023 Attendee.

The “Neosho Arts Council” is planning its springtime events now.

To learn more about the council, visit the Neosho Arts Facebook page, here.