NEOSHO, Mo. — More than 50 future nurses came together, today (Tuesday), in Neosho to prepare for what might be the biggest test of their lives.

“Everyone is gonna need a nurse at some point, my parents, grandparents, I will need a nurse at some point,” said Andrew Pefferman, Crowder second-year nursing student.

Whether it was when you were young or when you grow old.

Chances are you’ve needed or will need assistance from a nurse.

That was one of many topics discussed Tuesday at Crowder College – as nursing students from the Cassville and Neosho campuses came together to prepare for the “National Council Licensure Examination” – or “NCLEX” exam.

“They come in for three days, they do in-person review with a consultant to review items that maybe they are weaker in, help them develop a plan of study, in the preparation they will be successful with their NCLEX and pass it the first time after they take it and sit for boards,” said Kerenza Crane, Crowder Nursing Program Coordinator.

Students got together to compare notes, share tips on test-taking, and listen to speakers from “Hearst Review Services” – a company that helps students prepare and pass the “NCLEX.”

Students like Brooke Wear, a nursing student set to graduate in December, say a day like this goes a long way in getting her and her fellow students prepared for such a big test.

“That’s really powerful, to see everyone come together and be happy to study together, because we’ve been studying these past two years so, this different process that it is, to apply for a board exam, to go through that together is very special,” said Brooke Wear, Crowder second-year nursing student.

“Because all of this schooling means nothing if you don’t pass that NCLEX so, we’ve gotta do everything we can to pass it and the only way to do it is reviewing, practicing, and getting better at test-taking,” said Pefferman.

Crane says she’s excited to see so many new faces joining the field — even though an event like the “COVID-19” pandemic caused some nurses to rethink their careers.

Kerenza Crane, Crowder Nursing Program Coordinator: “That was a very hard time for nurses, and some people have chosen to exit the profession, and I think it brought to light that it is a very hard job, it’s a very rewarding job, and if you come from a place of passion with what you do, and a heart for your profession, those bad days don’t seem so bad.”

Commencement for the students in the nursing program will be held on December 15 – with students able to take the NCLEX as soon as January.