NEOSHO, Mo. — Beef farmers gather in Neosho, this evening (Saturday) for discussion over dinner.

The “Independent Cattlemen of Missouri” are focusing on meat labeling — specifically beef.

Officials with the group tell us, even when our meat labels say “Product of the USA” — that only means it was processed in the US, not where it may have been raised.

That’s why they’re pushing for a bill they said would bring “mandatory country of labeling for beef” — so that consumers know where their meat comes from.

“We’re competing against foreign countries with far less regulations. They can produce it at a far cheaper cost than what we can. And so, we’re having to sell at the same price point, without the consumer having any idea of what they’re buying,” said Freddie Keaton, Independent Cattlemen of Missouri President.

Keaton adds — they’re urging people to reach out to their local representatives to create more momentum for the push.