NEOSHO, Mo. — Some Neosho High School students spent part of their day teaching.

“These chicken nuggets they are eating from McDonald’s, they don’t just grow in their garden, like, they need to be raised, they’ve gotta be processed,” said Brayden Selgeby, Neosho FFA Vice President.

That’s what FFA students at Neosho High School spent the day explaining to local fifth graders — where their food comes from.

“We’re just introducing the kids really to the agriculture industry as a whole, not just the poultry station, there’s livestock, horses, cattle, cows, and sheep. There’s a honey station, ice cream, really just anything that ties back to the ag industry that these kids will be interested in,” said Selgeby.

“We teach them all sorts of opportunities you get to learn about when you get to high school, so it’s an introduction to our agriculture classes and leadership classes,” said Audrin Roberts, Neosho FFA Reporter.

It was all part of the annual “Food for America” event at the Neosho School Farm.

Giving fifth graders the chance to check out a large variety of stands, run by “FFA” students, focusing on things like poultry, swine, and beekeeping.

“I’m a part of our horse station, this is my horse, we just teach them the things that are fun for them to learn at such a young age and make it fun for them,” said Roberts.

Neosho High School’s ag teacher says – a day like this benefits his students as well.

“It really helps our high school FFA members kinda see what’s out there because they spend some time researching their station and what their particular station is about, so that really helps them kinda realize, oh this opportunity is out there for them,” said Kelin Kruse, Neosho High School Ag Teacher.

The hope is that this event helped inspire some of the kids in attendance to pursue a future in agriculture.