NEOSHO, Mo. — The video-based app “Tiktok” has been a topic of discussion for many lawmakers across the country.

We caught up with Missouri Republican state representative, Ben Baker, of District 1-60 on Friday.

He told us he believes the app is being used by China as a way to gather data to spy on Americans.

Baker says he supports banning “Tiktok” on all government devices.

Baker also mentioned he doesn’t allow any of his staff to use or have the app on their devices.

As for banning the app on citizen devices, Baker says it’s still a choice.

“That’s where you get into the difficulty of the freedom of speech, and you know, the right of an individual to make those choices, and what becomes, you know, really detrimental for the safety of our citizens, collectively. So those are tough lines, sometimes, to draw. But I think there’s mounting evidence that TikTok is a growing problem, and the government needs to deal with it,” said Rep. Ben Baker, (R-MO) District 160.

Baker says he’s expecting further discussions to focus on exactly how “Tiktok” should be managed, both on government devices and those of citizens.