NEOSHO, Mo. — Many gathered, today, in Neosho, to talk about some business.

It was the city’s Annual Business Expo. It’s been in existence for over 30 years, giving businesses a chance to grow their company, by showcasing what they have to offer.

Over 60 vendors participated in this year’s two-day event.

Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce CEO Lauri Lyerla says it’s a great opportunity for businesses to connect with other community members.

“For businesses to let the community know what they do and be able to be face to face with them and talk about really talk about how they what products they sell, what service they offer, it’s really important — and so in general — a lot of times people may have businesses that offer services that come into your home, but they may not ever go into them. So it’s a great opportunity for these businesses to just get to know the community, tell about them, and create those relationships,” said Lauri Lyerla, CEO, Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce.

Lyerla added that expo has always been vital to the growth of Neosho.