NEOSHO, Mo. — After more than eight decades, “The Neosho First Presbyterian Church” has restored its historic bell tower.

This morning, the church held a rededication of the newly remodeled bell tower.

In 1941, the church’s Sunday school class purchased a bell for the tower from the Neosho School District.

It was used as a way to ring in each church service on Sunday mornings.

For the last six months, the church has worked to completely restore the tower itself.

The restoration was supposed to be about $30,000, but after further inspection, the church was looking at a $90,000 price tag.

Luckily though, the church had just sold the parsonage which brought in enough funds re-do the flooring, stucco sides, and stained glass windows.

They also installed a brand-new chandelier to add lighting.

“We want to show that we’re still here. We’re growing. We want to be a beacon of light, for people to know that they can come here and worship Christ with us,” said Melissa Bush, Elder, Neosho First Presbyterian Church.

As for the bell, it didn’t make the remodel because it was too heavy and costly.

Church officials are looking to sell the actual bell and say if anyone is interested to call the church and leave a message at (417) 451-4996.