NEOSHO, Mo. — A Neosho Middle School educator is recognized as 2023’s Overachieving Teacher. It’s part of the “Classroom Give Back” on the radio show Kidd Kraddick’s Morning Show.

Mrs. Paden Roberts, a 6th-grade teacher at Neosho Middle School, was last week’s winner.

Each week the show picks one winner to earn $500 for his or her classroom. Requirements consist of submitting a photo and basic information and a 500-word explanation of the use of funds and why the teacher should be chosen to win.

“Learning has changed so much throughout the years and so has the world around us. These opportunities are not something when I was in middle school 15 years ago or so let alone 20 years ago, 30 years ago, and I want to give my kids the experiences that can allow them to succeed in life,” said Mrs. Roberts.

“I’m super excited because this is like my first time ever doing it and we’re going to have the right equipment,” said Abi Ward, 6th-grade student.

“I’m super excited because we didn’t have enough money to buy microphones and now we do,” said Alexandra Smith, 6th-grade student.

Mrs. Roberts is planning on using the funds to purchase podcasting equipment for her classroom.