JOPLIN, Mo. — A nationwide shortage is being felt in local school districts.

Administrators with the Joplin School District say they’re not immune to a national bus driver shortage. They say ideally, they would have 65 bus drivers on staff, but currently only have 49. On the plus side, they’ve offered jobs to five more drivers, and have five more in training, putting them in a better place than this same time last year.

However, the shortage does mean they may have to take steps, like combining routes or having drivers run two routes. And in some circumstances, it can get even more complicated.

“With an absence or something here or there, it compounds the problem, but typically we work through it, and fortunately we’re in a better place this year than we were last year to start the year off,” said Matt Harding, Assistant Superintendent for Operations, Joplin Schools

If you’re interested in the open bus driver positions with Joplin Schools, you can follow this link here.