KSNF/KODE — Not all crab rangoons are created equally. It’s the quintessential appetizer of any American Asian menu that appeals to all the senses–crispy yet soft, tasty, hot, and delicious.

A wonton wrapper is delicately stuffed with a cream cheese mixture, some with real crab, imitation crab, or none at all, slightly sweetened, folded, and deep-fried.

It’s the golden comfort food to rule them all.

Today is National Crab Rangoon day, so as a connoisseur and expert in crab rangoons, I’ve found ‘goons from highly-rated restaurants (4+ stars on Google) around the Joplin area.


Webb City



If you’re looking for something a bit less deep-fried, try your hand at homemade rangoons and air fry or bake them.