JOPLIN, Mo. — Some area university students are getting a crash course on what it’s like to not have a roof over their heads for a few days.

If you wanted to get back to nature and sleep in a tent for a few days, a busy intersection like 7th and Duquesne may not seem like an ideal place to go to do that. But that’s where you’ll find a group of members of the Kappa Sigma fraternity from MSSU between now and Sunday.

It’s part of the annual Military Heroes campaign, an event members of that organization have been holding since 2008. And this will be the third year for Dalton Hampson to take part.

“Trying to raise money for homeless and disabled veterans and we want to put ourselves in their shoes, you know, often a lot of times veterans you know without financial support find themselves out on the streets out in the elements like weather, the massive wind today, tomorrow we’re expecting some rain coming in so we just want to put ourselves in their shoes and kind of help raise a little bit of extra money to those organizations that help them,” said Dalton Hampson, Kappa Sigma Fraternity Member.

His fraternity brothers from other colleges and universities across the U.S. are also raising money for the same cause, but in different ways.

“Every chapter comes up with their unique philanthropy event that will hold every year so, others will do like a food drive,” said Hampson.

With each passing year, students, who will be manning this intersection 24/7 through Sunday, come up with new ways to make it easier for people to donate and this year is no different.

“So that’s when one of our members came up with the idea to do a Go Fund Me Page and the link for our QR Code, that way people can safely do it from the distance of their home or if they’re unable to come out to the intersection, they’re able to do so from the safety of their own home,” he added.

Hampson says the fraternity raised $6,500-hundred last year, and hope to improve upon that this year.