MONETT, Mo. (KOLR) — A fire in Monett destroyed personal and state property, including equipment used by the Missouri Department of Conservation, over the July 24 – 26 weekend.

Missouri Department agent Daniel Shores says the fire spread quickly to his department’s leased storage unit.

“An ATV that the department owns its a total loss,” said Shores. “It’s been used on numerous search and rescues for people who get lost in the National Forest during deer season. When hikers get lost, it’s also used on ATV patrol during deer season. It’s all a total loss.”

A boat was also lost in the fire. Shores says the boat was recently replaced with a new one.

“I was responding to a water rescue about two or three months ago,” said Shores. “I had the lights and sirens on and somebody ran the light and struck my patrol vehicle. I just got this boat replaced and put it back in service five to six hours before it burnt up. It’s just an unfortunate turn of events.”

Personal property belonging to Shores and others was lost in the fire, including kayaks and another boat.

“It was a big hit for me personally, for the department and the people of Barry County,” said Shores. “We used this boat to save them when people make a mistake and drive in flooded roadways.”

The cause of the fire remains unknown. Shores gives credit to the Monett Fire Department for taking on the fire.