MISSOURI — Texting on the road is under the spotlight at the Missouri Capitol, where lawmakers are considering further restrictions for drivers statewide. That starts with Senate Bill 61, which would ban texting and driving for any driver.

Right now, it’s only illegal for drivers 21 or under.

Another measure sponsored by a state representative from Joplin aims to cut down on those texting in work zones. State Representative Lane Roberts (R) says MoDOT is seeing more wrecks caused by texting, a trend he wants to change.

“I think most people understand no matter what age – texting while driving is probably not the smartest thing to do. But even receiving cell phone calls now, it’s so much easier and there’s so much technology available, there really isn’t justification for putting workers at risk to allow that,” said Representative Roberts.

Both bills have gotten approval at the committee level – but still face debate in the house and senate.