KSNF/KODE — Missouri’s state budget was more than fifty billion dollars this year, but that number will likely go down next year.

State Representative Cody Smith of Carthage serves as the budget chairman in the State House of Representatives.

He says even though the legislature is a little more than two months from reconvening, his committee is already hard at work crafting the state’s next round of budget legislation.

Smith says because of federal funds from COVID, this year’s budget is likely much larger than what lawmakers will approve in the next session.

“The CARES Act, the ARPA Act, where Congress sent out billions of dollars to the states, and the states incorporated those into the state budgets, thereby inflating the budget, you’ll see those funds get expended over the course of this year, and next year you’ll actually see a smaller state budget,” said State Representative Cody Smith, (R)-Carthage.

Smith says the federal funds he’s referring to amount to six to eight billion dollars of one-time funding.