STOCKTON, Mo. — The Missouri Logging Council (MLC) announced the Master Logger Certification of local logger Daniel Turner of Turner Logging in Stockton, Mo.

Turner followed his ancestors in the logging business. His grandfather started the company in 1932. Different from his predecessors, Turner is making the public more aware of logging on different social platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, his own app, and his own website. Not only that— he also has his own clothing line.

Now he can add Master Logger to his list of accomplishments.

The Certifying Board approved Daniel’s Master Logger status, making him the 28th active Master Logger in Missouri. Master Logger Certification relies on a field assessment process to clearly document a logger’s knowledge, skills, and harvesting practices. If their work passes these tests, applicants sign a code of ethics, and their application goes to an eight-member certifying board. This assessment process and Master Logger Certification give loggers economic leverage in developing stewardship contracts with corporations, landowners, and retailers.

“I take great pride in this,” said Turner. “I am in some very good company.”

“Master Loggers exhibit the highest standards for safety, sustainability, and ethical business practices. They harvest timber with true regard for the environment and landowner’s best interests,” said Shannon Jarvis, MLC Chairman. “We are proud to announce Daniel Turner has ‘made the cut.’”

This certification provides customers and the general public assurances that the person or company performing the job has the education, training, and experience to do the job correctly and that appropriate practices are being implemented. Master Loggers must be recertified every two years.

For more information about the Master Logger Certification Program, you can call 573-634-3252.