Mark Toland Mind Reader-Photo 2

JOPLIN, Mo. — Students at Missouri Southern State University had their minds blown tonight (8/31).

It was all thanks to mind reader and award-winning mystery entertainer, Mark Toland.

Students and faculty at MSSU got a chance to see, and be a part of Toland’s performance, free of charge.

The show featured Toland reading the mind’s of random audience members by performing various activities.

Toland’s goal by the end of his performance was to turn one audience member into a “mind reader.”

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When asked how he does what seems to be “the impossible,” Toland said most people don’t want the honest answer.

“I don’t think they want to know, I don’t think you want to spoil the mystery and I would do a disservice to them and to my craft to spoil it, so I try to keep it a mystery so that they can enjoy it and preserve that because I love the feeling of not knowing and it’s kind of sacred and rare these days, so to preserve that for them and give them that feeling, I think is very important,” said Mentalist, Mark Toland.

Mark Toland stays busy this time of the year, entertaining students at college campuses across the country.

Just yesterday (8/30), the mind reader (a.k.a. mentalist) performed on stage at a university in San Francisco.

You can find more information on mystery entertainer, Mark Toland, HERE.