JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.– Dozens of pro-life supporters gathered in Jefferson City this morning to take part in the Midwest March for Life. The group is rallying to call for an end to abortion in the state.

The march was followed by a rally with several speakers from across the state.

Kathy Frock, the organizer of the Midwest March for Life, said, “Missourians have worked so hard to offer life-affirming options to pregnant women. We have been doing our best to hold the line here in Missouri and keep moms and babies safe from abortion.”

The group March for Life is also taking part in the event. The group’s president said this is a great opportunity for Missourians to advance the progress they have already made towards protecting women and unborn children.

The organizer says abortions in Missouri have decreased from a high of over 11,000 to a low of 39 abortions in 2020.