PINEVILLE, Mo. — Preschool students learned their manners Friday — and had a lot of fun doing it. Kids at Pineville Primary School celebrated Elegant Day with a tea party.

Everyone dressed up in their fanciest clothes for the occasion.

The kids learned dining etiquette — like saying “please” and “thank you,” taking turns, and using good table manners.

“Everyday experiences are so important for students, especially when you don’t get them. So we try our best here at McDonald County to give those experiences to our children, and have them learn and grow. It’s the best way to learn,” said Shelly Emmert, Title I Preschool Teacher, Pineville Primary School.

“Elegance” has been this week’s theme while the kids learned all about the letter “e”.

Previous weeks’ themes included popcorn for “p” and hot sauce for “h”.