NOEL, Mo. — Road construction in a part of Noel has some residents frustrated right now.

MODOT crews are currently building a sidewalk along Highways 59 and 90, between the two bridges.

The road in between the bridges is down to one lane around the bluff.

Drivers can expect to wait between four to six minutes before they get a green light.

Noel marshal Randy Wilson says everyone needs to simply practice patience.

“Be mindful of the workers. Be mindful of the other traffic and make sure you’re not going when you’re not supposed to be. I know this morning at about 5:30 we had two cars decide to go at the same time and run the red light and we almost had a head-on collision. So, just be mindful of the traffic, especially with summer coming up and the warm weather. You know, be mindful because the workers are out there working and they’re trying to do their best to get it done as soon as possible,” said Randy Wilson, Noel Marshall.

The work won’t be finished until sometime next year.