NOEL, Mo. — The Tyson Chicken Plant in Noel is a month away from closing, and that has city leaders updating the town’s sewer system, which could lead to some inconveniences for people who live near the plant.

According to Mayor Terry Lance, most of the houses on or near Meador, Alta-Vista, and Mesa-Verda Drive are connected to the Tyson Plant’s sewer system, which is separate from the rest of the city’s sewer system. Once the plant closes, so does the need for that separate system.

The city will now have to lay around 3,000-feet of new sewage pipe in that area to connect it to the rest of the city’s sewage system. City officials say they are still a couple of weeks away from starting work, but once it starts, residents in that area should expect some road closures.

“Leave this street open when they work on one, close that one whenever it’s time to work on it, and the other one will be open. It’ll be a little bit unhandy for the people but there’s no way around a little bit of inconvenience,” said Mayor Lance.

Mayor Lance adds once the project starts, it should only take a few weeks to finish. He hopes that happens by the time the Tyson Plant closes next month.