NOEL, Mo. — With the recent closing of the Tyson plant, Noel residents are concerned about an increase in stray animals.

But Noel Marshal Randy Wilson says he hasn’t noticed an increase in calls regarding stray animals.

Noel doesn’t have a pound or animal control, so Wilson says there are times the town does struggle with a high volume of stray animals.

He says right now, other than a few exceptions, things have been business as usual.

“We don’t have any more of an issue now than what we have always had because obviously, we don’t have animal control or dog pound. We would love to get one, but would have to get some grants and, of course, part of that you have to pay for, and we just don’t have that funding and have to do a lot of zoning to do that,” said Randy Wilson, Noel Marshal.

Wilson hopes this sparks a conversation about adding an animal control service to the area — until then, Noel city officials will continue to monitor the situation.