JANE, Mo. — It’s being tabbed as a “super event,” and it will actually be more than just one. It will begin next April in Jane.

“McDonald County Happenings” is the official name of the event. Something that will take place every 4th Saturday from April through September on the property of the Wood Motor Company near the state line in Jane.

Chamber officials said upwards of 100 vendors will offer a farmers market, a homesteaders market, a makers market, pop-up market, food trucks, car shows, and many other amenities and activities.

“When you isolate individual businesses or individual communities, you start to ostracize others and so what we’re finding out is when you get everyone together, it, it, you get better production. You get better activity. Everyone gets a piece of this pie, and so as a county, as a whole, even Northwest Arkansas. We’re pulling a lot of people into this. And so when you have that many bodies, it’s hard to fail,” said Chris Abbott, Wood Motor Company.

“Basically, all it is is we’re, we’re combining a lot of events into one. When you start bringing them all together, and you have one event that kind of encompasses 5, 6, 7, 10 other events, if everybody brings a couple hundred people, now you got a couple thousand people runnin’ around,” said John Newby, Chamber President & CEO.

There will also be “2nd Saturday” McDonald County Happenings. Those will be held in a different community throughout the county between May and October.