MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — A man was taken to an area hospital on Wednesday after being briefly submerged in Big Sugar Creek when his vehicle stalled on a low-water bridge, according to Gregg Sweeten, McDonald County Emergency Management Director.

Photograph provided by McDonald County Emergency Mangement 

Sweeten said the man and a woman were crossing Big Sugar Creek in the southeast part of the county near the Arkansas state line.

“The man was in his 20s,” Sweeten said.  “He got out of his vehicle and was under the front of his vehicle for maybe three or four seconds.”

Sweeten said his department was erring on the side of caution and took the man to an area hospital.

Earlier Emergency Management crews pulled a UPS truck from floodwaters that was stranded on another low-water bridge over Big Sugar Creek.

Floodwaters were three feet over the bridge and running fast, Sweeten said. “The driver couldn’t get out of the truck.”

The low-water bridge dips down in the middle and the UPS truck had stalled out, he said.

Floodwaters crested Wednesday at Big Sugar Creek and Little Sugar Creek and Elk River was receding on Thursday, he said.