ANDERSON, Mo. — On Friday, students at McDonald County High School dedicated their afternoon to serving local veterans.

These veterans were treated to a complimentary lunch, which was prepared by students in the school’s Pro-Start program. The meal was served by members of the Rho-Kappa Honor Society, students recognized for their outstanding achievements in the field of social studies.

Stormy Gillming graduated from McDonald County High School in 2001, and has been serving in the National Guard for 17 years. He shared his experience of being honored at his alma mater.

“It feels really good, it’s nice to see the students being involved in it, kinda looking towards their past and respect the veterans who have served so it’s really nice to come back and see the amount of students who are participating, it was pretty amazing,” said Gillming.

“I know there are a lot of other veterans who have gone through homelessness and a lot of mental health issues so we want to be able to let them know, hey we are a community and we will be here for you and anything you need, we can try and help and do our best,” said Emma Hobbs, MCHS Senior.

Gillming said he hopes that events like this will inspire more students to consider careers in the service.