ANDERSON, Mo. — Kids at Anderson Elementary had some special lunch visitors on Wednesday.

The McDonald County School District is in the midst of its “Level Up with School Lunch” campaign to celebrate National School Lunch Week. Kids were surprised by some of their favorite characters from the recent “Super Mario Brothers Movie” – “Princess Peach,” “Luigi,” and “Mario” himself.

School lunches are sometimes the only nutritious, hot meal a child gets throughout the day, and district officials said events like this go a long way in teaching students healthy eating habits.

“We’re teaching them about good nutrition, eating a balanced diet, and to do that and make it memorable for the students, is this right here,” said Janie Daugherty, Director of OPAA McDonald County.

“There’s Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach,” said Keaton, a first-grade student.

“Because they are here, and I like to see them,” said Wade another first-grade student.

With all the excitement, school officials said they are already looking forward to putting this event on again next year.