NOEL, Mo. — Hundreds of people hit Elk River today to get out on the water for their Fourth of July festivities.

Fourth of July festivities are underway – as numerous people flock to the water.

One of those spots – River Ranch Resort on Elk River in Noel.

It opened at 8 o’clock Tuesday morning and immediately saw a steady stream of visitors.

Officials say their business has been non-stop since they opened on Saturday.

They also say the 4th landing on a Tuesday this year was good, since people made a long holiday weekend out of it.

“This year it’s a little more spread out than last year. Last year it was mainly busy on Saturday and Sunday and this year we have been pretty consistent. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and into today. We are still rolling a lot of people out today as well,” said Dylan Gerow, River Ranch Resort Ranch Hand.

We caught up with Shane Russo, a U.S. Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmer, getting the opportunity to catch up with his family.

“It means a lot to me personally because I’m away a lot. I come home once a year, so it’s good to see them. These two are like my best friends in the whole world right here, so when I see them I’m always very happy,” said Shane Russo, from Noel.

Russo typically doesn’t get the chance to celebrate the 4th of July with his friends and family, so this year was special.

“Typically I come around in August for my vacations, but I was like, you know, I haven’t been here for the fourth in a long time, so, you know, why not come and do it,” said Russo.