GOODMAN, Mo. — If you’ve never heard of an entire police department resigning — you are about to.

After last night’s election, where John Bunch was elected as the new mayor, Police Chief Adam Miller took to Facebook and announced he and his eight officers would resign.

In a letter submitted to city hall Wednesday morning, he and those eight officers cited concerns about past experiences with Bunch as the main reason for them stepping down.

They also cited the poor pay, something current mayor J-R Fisher says is a big problem.

“They could step outside of Goodman in any direction and get paid more. We’re at the bottom of the pay scale but were just a small town in southwest Missouri and they were here because they wanted to be. They liked the people, the community, you know but they just don’t want to work for the incoming Mayor,” said J.R. Fisher, Mayor of Goodman.

We reached out to the police officers, but they declined to comment. They will remain with the department for the next two weeks.

“Right now there is no plan set on who will be taking over, but we plan to bring the police department back into the City of Goodman. I’m very disappointed, but this is for the best,” said Mayor-Elect John Bunch