Local classic car group, CAR BUDDIES, volunteer each year to drive the kids of the Special Education Dept to prom in their classic rides.

This year Central Christian Center downtown served the kids dinner, co-creator Leann Darby tells us the church let the kids in the sanctuary to take some group photos. “It’s just so nice of them, it’s beautiful.”

But let’s take you back to how this started six years ago…

Leann and Ron Darby’s son, Cole, was a senior at Joplin High School. He was in the Special Education Dept and thought he’d like to drive the families classic truck to prom. Well the problem being he didn’t have a drivers license.

So they decided to get some of their friends in the classic car group to drive Cole and some of his friends to 2013 Prom.

Cole is now 25. The tradition grows each year. That’s why it’s called the 6th Annual Cole Darby Cruise to Prom. Oh and Cole was there tonight running around the parking lot.  Just like last year.  He’s a busy guy.  Even though he doesn’t drive.  

Leann said in the parking lot tonight before Joplin Police escort and the kids rolled in and we went live! “I am so glad you came! I tear up every year we do this! I gotta go get in place.”

Thank you Leann. It’s my honor.

I am, Joplin News First.



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