NEOSHO COUNTY, Ks. — One of the largest energy providers in the Four States has gotten a whole lot greener.

The wind we’re so used to in the four states is now powering liberty’s latest project in Southeast Kansas. The project is wrapping up in Neosho county, and residents are already experiencing the green energy.

Jillian Curtis, Liberty Communications Program Manager, said, “We actually just closed on last night.”

Liberty has entered the final phase in its largest ever renewable energy project. The company submitted its last payment for the Neosho Ridge Wind Farm.

Shaen Rooney, Liberty Senior Manager of Strategic Projects, said, “We’ve had some involvement with Kansas wind already, we purchased the output with wind farms but this is the first step into ownership of wind generating facilities in the Midwest.”

The need and want for renewable energy has been growing for the company.

“We have a younger generation coming in, getting ready to be homeowners, we have to serve them and their electrical needs, and this is something that our customers have said they want,” said Curtis.

“I’ve always said these projects only get off the ground with the goodwill of the community. This land stays with the farmers that it belongs to, many cases land that has been in their family for generations,” said Rooney.

Not just in Southeast Kansas, either. Southwest Missouri’s first wind farms are up and running, too.

“We actually have two more in Missouri, they’re about half the size of this one, we got approximately 600 Megawatts total, so 300 here in Kansas and two 150 Megawatt wind farms in Missouri.”

While there was some opposition to the installation of the wind turbines, the team behind the project assures the community that they have double checked everything. To make sure the wind farms and the counties are taken care of.

“We’ve developed these sites responsibly, we’ve constructed them responsibly and operate them responsibly, I hope maybe some day down the road they see it as a benefit to their community as well. Our company is looking to lead a way forward into a more renewable future.”

The 139 wind turbines in Neosho County are capable of generating 300 megawatts of power. To put that into perspective, it’s the equivalent of running 1.2 million desktop computers at any given time.