MIAMI, Okla. — After being postponed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a popular after-school program is back.

The Miami Public Library’s Lego League held its first program of the season Monday afternoon.

Around 25 kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade got to learn the importance of teamwork and show off their Lego creations.

“They just get to hang out with their friends,” said Judy Beauchamp, children’s librarian at the Miami Public Library. “They get to be creative and they get to talk and not worry about anything except what they’re building, so I feel like it’s a great time for kids.”

Beauchamp says the Lego League is a way for kids to learn the importance of the value of cooperation long before they set off into the job market.

“It’s just a really creative time,” she added. “We really don’t even suggest what they do. They just really seem to just take off on their own and come up with some stuff that we’re always just totally amazed at.”

Lego designs range from robots to cars to even… the top secret.

“I am making a spy base for my spy girl,” said Jocelyn Colby, Lego creator.

Colby has been playing with Legos for years and says she enjoys gathering with her peers at the Lego League where the sky is the limit on creativity.

“I like that you can create anything you set your mind to and you can just let your imagination run wild,” said Colby.

And to celebrate this afternoon’s return of the Lego League, kids were also treated to smoothies and a lesson on healthy eating habits.