MONETT, Mo. — Nurses go above and beyond every day, and many do so even when they’re off-duty.

One local nurse did exactly that on her day off just a couple of weeks ago.

Keena Meadows works at “Cox Monett Hospital.”

She and her daughter spent 12 hours painting large, colorful, and creative Christmas displays on the windows of patient rooms in the “Critical Care Unit.”

Many of these patients won’t be able to be home for Christmas, so Meadows made sure to bring Christmas to them.

“I feel like right now, with everything, there’s a lot of stress out in the real world and when you’re in the hospital, that’s the last thing you need to think about and I just wanted to bring a way to bring joy to whoever would accept it, and it’s been wonderful to see the reaction – not only from the patients, but also from the staff,” said Keena Meadows, RN, Cox Monett Hospital.

Meadows says it’s created a special bond with patients and other staff.

And now other units are doing the same thing for their patients.

In fact, they’re already making plans for “Valentine’s Day” and other future holidays.