MONETT, Mo. — Monett Middle School students are one step closer to figuring out their careers. The school’s “Aspire Academy” connects the kids to potential employers from high-demand industries — and from right in their hometown.

Friday, students spent time at the Jack Henry Airport, the EFCO Corporation, Life-360, and the Monett Police Department. Each location gave kids a look at what different opportunities could be waiting for them after high school.

“And then that helps them to decide if they want to do it or not before they go into college and spend the money. We want to give them those opportunities to explore while they’re still in school,” said Danelle Bradow, Careers Instructor, Monett Middle School.

“This can also help you gain experience. Like on a resume or something, you can say I’ve been to these places, I understand this and you start to understand more things and you can know how different things work,” said Camden Ellis, Aspire Academy Student.

The Aspire Academy also helps prepare students for the similar “Go Caps” program offered to high school students.