LAMAR, Mo. — A Lamar student has just started his senior year after a summer that wasn’t quite a vacation.

Andrew Shelton spent his summer collaborating with local groups to completely renovate a nature trail for students and the community to use. On top of that, he started a project that brought mental health resources to the area – specifically for rural communities. Shelton is also involved in several extra-curricular school clubs while volunteering at the local library – where he’s put in over 100 hours of service. He says it’s the experiences that really drive him to be so active.

“There’s not that many differences compared to us from people in California from people in New York or Chicago. It’s really amazing to me when I go to all these different places, just how similar everybody is. I mean, this really is America this really is people wanting to help other people. Everywhere I go, big cities, small town, huge national events, or a small summer camp, people just really care about each other and want to see other succeed,” said Andrew Shelton, Senior, Lamar High School.

This summer, Shelton took a trip to Chicago for the National Future Business Leaders of America Conference, where he took 1st place at the state level and 7th place at the national level for the Organizational Leadership contest.

“Being able to be like one of the first people to be able to go was just really amazing, uh, and just the amount of support we got from the school, it was just an excellent opportunity. I was glad to be able to bring home a win for my hometown,” said Shelton.

And Shelton is not stopping there. He has big dreams of going to college to study theater, marketing, and possibly computer science as well.