JOPLIN, Mo. — Officials at a Joplin women’s shelter are hoping you’ll think of them when you’re Christmas shopping this year. Lafayette House will host a Christmas shop for its clients. Moms get a chance to pick out gifts for their children — while the kids do the same thing for their moms.

Workers say it’s a chance to provide some normalcy during the holiday season.

“We’re in need of donations of toys for all ages of kiddos all the way from baby up to teen. Teens are often forgotten. And then also some parent gifts would be great. Keeping in mind we do have, you know teenage boys and occasionally, you know, fathers that come to Lafayette House as well,” said Ashley Shead, Lafayette House.

Suggestions range from coats and gloves to blankets and gift cards, along with toys for all ages. You can drop those off at the house during normal business hours.

It’s located at 1809 South Connor Avenue.