PARSONS, Kan. — A new community outreach program is in the works for a local police department.

The “Parsons Police Department” is rolling out a new program called “R-U-O-K”.

The computerized system is geared toward helping people with medical conditions, mental health, and well-being concerns, as well as those who are at high risk for falls.

They can add information like address, medical history, and emergency contacts.

The system then makes daily automated calls to check in on anyone enrolled in the program.

“And the computer will send out a personal message by phone every day, you know, for the folks that are signed up. And after three attempts, if they don’t pick up, and they get to pick the time, you know, for the phone calls, then we send an officer to make sure they’re okay,” said Chief Robert Spinks, Parsons Police Department.

Chief Spinks says the department hopes to start the program within the next two months.