PARSONS, Kan. — School begins in Parsons this week.

But Monday at the high school, USD 503 faculty and staff reported for duty.

They also received a special treat… Breakfast — courtesy of district administrators and school board members.

It’s something the district does every year on the first day back for faculty and staff.

“The job they have is so important, and so this is just an opportunity for us to serve them, for them to sit and enjoy, and have a little conversation with each other and sit down and have a good meal together,” said Lori Ray, Parsons Schools Superintendent.

“To me, traditions are the name of the game. I come from a family of Italian-Americans, and it’s about la familia. The family. So this is about the family of teachers and the family of USD 503 personnel, and I like to keep that tradition going,” said Lou Martino, Parsons School Board V.P.

A group picture was also part of Monday morning’s agenda.

Classes begin in Parsons on Thursday.