PARSONS, Kan. — A recent report shows the unemployment rate in Labette County has decreased.

According to the September 2023 Kansas Labor Market Report, the Kansas unemployment rate increased from 2.7 percent in August to 2.8 percent in September.

In Labette County, the numbers decreased from 3.3 percent to 3 percent.

In September, 9,406 people were eligible to work, with 9,127 people employed, leaving 279 jobless.

Labette County Economic Development Director Jim Zaleski says those numbers reflect a drop in the number of people requesting unemployment assistance.

“Having a small pool of unemployed is always great. The challenge is with that small pool of unemployed, where do we get our workers? That’s why economic development in the last 18 months has become three things: childcare, housing, workforce development,” said Jim Zaleski, Labette County Economic Development Director.

Crawford County also has a 3 percent jobless rate, and Cherokee came in at 2.8 percent.