PARSONS, Kan. — Competitors battled it out to see whose ice cream making skills were the best — all while helping animals in need.

The First Christian Church of Parsons held its inaugural “Homemade Ice Cream Fundraiser” today (Saturday).

The competition featured twelve different ice creams – all homemade – with flavors ranging from root beer and apricot — to the classics like vanilla and chocolate.

The winner of the first-place ribbon was Ms. Elizabeth with her Butter Finger flavored ice cream.

All the money raised today will go to “Donna’s Pet Food Pantry” in Parsons to help keep area pets fed.

“They’re laughing and having a wonderful time. People who don’t know each other are sitting at tables together. They’re working together to make the world a better place and, if we could all work together to make the world a better place it’d be amazing,” said Jennifer Dawson, First Christian Church of Parsons, Reverend.

Organizers said that as of today — they have helped feed almost one hundred and fifty animals and hope to continue to help more in the future.