KODE— Coffee — and the caffeine that comes with it — is a crucial part of the morning for many of us.

“The Queen Mary University of London looked at over 8,000 patients and categorized them in three different categories,” said Dr. Frank Kim, Cardiologist.

Less than one cup a day, 1 to 3 cups, or 4 to 25 cups.

“Between the three categories, there was really no difference in terms of coronary artery stiffening it does not prove causal association between coffee intake and heart attack – this just shows the association between coffee intake and the stiffness of coronary arteries,” added Dr. Kim.

Dr. Kim points out there’s a long list of studies looking at the health impacts of coffee, including where you should cut off caffeine intake.

“The FDA recommends at most 400 mg of caffeine per day. Mayo clinic agrees with that.”

Of course, the amount of caffeine can vary on the size of the coffee and what variety you’re drinking.

“For example, I drink Pike Place. Venti Pike Place, that 20 ounce, which equates to two and a half cups of coffee, includes 410 mg,” said Dr. Kim.