PITTSBURG, Kans. — A U.S. senator makes a stop at an organic farm in southeast Kansas. Not to shop — but to learn.

Leafy Green Farms, in Pittsburg, continues to grow and distribute organic vegetables throughout southeast Kansas. Today, they had a special visit from U.S. Senator Roger Marshall to show the great work they’re doing on the farm with the objective of expanding.

“Leafy Greens is talking about getting a farm into every county across the state. I think it’s a great goal, getting kids involved with agriculture, letting them grow something. Start with a little seed and watch that grow. They can have biology classes, they can have agronomy type of classes as well, and even nutrition classes,” said Senator Marshall.

Leafy Green Founder Brad Fourby says one of their goals when it comes to healthy food is twofold.

“By making it affordable we’re making it available. And the way we’re doing that is we’re putting it where the food’s going to be eaten at. Having a farm operating, it’s 20 degrees outside and I’m going to go do a harvest after this interview. So now, somebody here in town, you know there are going to be families that are eating fresh food that was harvested when it was 20 degrees outside,” said Fourby.

“So I’ve always believed that food is medicine and I believe that this is an opportunity. Leafy Farms is another example of making food that is truly healthy and good medicine as well. Right now, most of our fruits and vegetables are picked in Mexico and get here two weeks later. They have lots of preservatives on them that really, I think decreases the taste. And I was just stunned to see how once again that fresh vegetables could taste like the vegetables here at Leafy Greens. Reminded me of the family garden I grew up with in Barton County, Kansas,” said Senator Marshall.

Marshall says there are plans to support this way of farming with the next farm bill.

“I think on both ends of the spectrum, senior citizens as well as our kids growing up, that we can try to give our kids strawberries or fresh fruits and vegetables on their lunch tables, but they’re not eating them because they don’t taste good. So what Leafy Greens is doing here is making up a product that is not unhealthy but also it tastes good,” added Senator Marshall. “There is no extra pesticides or herbicides on it. So I think it’s a great healthy choice for young people. I think on the other end of the spectrum, senior citizens have some special nutritional needs as well. I do believe that food is medicine and this is one solution that we can do right here. And really every community can do this.”