NEVADA, Mo. — The fiancée of Justin Goolsby, the man that was shot and killed at an I-49 gas station, took to TikTok to share her version of what transpired that day. One of Maria Morris’ videos has been viewed more than 5.2 million times in just two days.

According to law enforcement, during an exchange to pick up his child from her mother back in September, 32-year-old Justin Goolsby was shot multiple times while waiting in his car in a Pilot Travel Center parking lot. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Goolsby would later be pronounced dead that evening at Nevada Regional Medical Center.

The shooter was seen leaving the scene by witnesses. Steven Sam Vignolo, 62, was apprehended shortly after along with the discovery of a .45 caliber handgun within a bush between the Pilot stop and a Burger King.

Vignolo was charged with 1st degree murder and when interviewed in jail Vignolo “reported he was angry at Goolsby for allegedly inappropriately touching his (Goolsby’s) daughter, who is also Vignolo’s grandchild.

Vignolo is the father of Goolsby’s former fiancée, Britteny Lukenbill, and Goolsby’s daughter’s biological grandfather. Vignolo also told the interviewing officer that he was aware of the exchange coming up and claimed that it normally takes place at the Pilot Travel Center.

Morris, took to TikTok to share her story and recounted her events. Over a week ago Morris created her account’s first TikTok showing her and her former fiancé together in multiple pictures, captioned “1 Month Ago today my heart broke into a million pieces when my best friend was murdered 2 days before our wedding day 💔” along with the ‘JusticeForJustin’ hashtag. Her second video would go onto accrue over 5.2 million views on the platform.

In her third video, however, Morris claimed “his daughter’s mom, Britteny Lukenbill, had her father (Steven Vignolo) come up to the exchange point and murder him. Exchanges were not done at Pilot, at 7 o’clock that day. Exchanges were supposed to be done at school-after school…” This contrasts with Vignolo’s interview claim that they their exchanges normally took place at the Pilot Travel Center.

Morris goes on to explain other abnormalities she and Justin experienced in arranging the exchange which were also documented and shown in a Facebook post. While on a call with Justin as he was waiting Morris says she heard the gunshots from Vignolo that ultimately killed her fiancée.

This case is being investigated by the Nevada Police Department. We will continue to provide updates as more developments in this case emerge. You can view the probable cause statement from the case below.