JOPLIN, Mo. — When it comes to game day food, many will *wing* it when it comes to snacks for the big game.

In fact, chicken wings are one of the top three most popular foods on Superbowl Sunday.

The other two — are pizza, and chips and dip.

According to a report from “Wells Fargo”, grocery prices are up twelve percent, and alcohol is up eleven percent from last year.

But let’s focus back on those wings, there’s actually some great news: the price of chicken wings is *down* twenty-two percent from last year’s price.

“Chicken has come down, some of the steaks, higher meats. Rib-eyes t-bones everything. When we saw the huge increase post-COVID — that sort of thing, have kind of stabled out and gone back to normal,” said Leslie Cruz, Food 4 Less Store Manager.

“Some of the prices — they’ve gone up a little bit but — you got to do what you got to do, you got to eat,” said Debbie Ketter, Customer.

1.25 Billion chicken wings are estimated to be eaten on Sunday.