JOPLIN, Mo. — More technology is now making it easier for Joplin Police, and residents, to get connected.

It’s called “What3Words”, and it’s an app you can download on your mobile device so you can share your location.

It’s not an alternative to calling 911, it’s simply another way to help first responders find you if you need help, with the use of 3 simple words of your choosing.

And help doesn’t necessarily have to be a reason to use it.

“So it’s not just for emergencies. I actually just posted to our Facebook page today, for those who are going out hunting this weekend, if they have the app on their phone, if there’s an emergency or even if they’re trying to get their buddy to meet them at a certain location, they have the app on their phone. They can show the 3 words where they’re currently at, show those 3 words to their buddy, their buddy puts it in and it navigates them right to their location. So it can be emergency situations, it can be a group of people that are going to gather and trying to figure out where each other are at. So there’s a lot of uses besides just emergency situations,” said Cheryl Konarski, JPD.

“JPD” has been using the program in-house for a little less than a year.

Officials are now really wanting residents to take advantage of it.

The app is free. You can find it here.