JOPLIN, Mo. — Shoplifting is a crime every retail store watches out for.

But more and more online sellers are being hit with cyber shoplifting.

“Beljoy is an online retail and wholesale jewelry store,” said Abby Clevenger, Beljoy Owner.

Abby Clevenger of Joplin has eight years of experience selling her creations online.

“It’s all 24 karat gold plated, waterproof, non-tarnish sheen. Really great high-quality fashion jewelry,” said Clevenger.

They’re committed to fast, honest service – something they hope to see in return from their customers.

But that’s not always the case.

“It does happen where people do say that they haven’t received their package sometimes or the package was damaged in the process,” said Clevenger.

In legitimate cases, there’s a replacement or refund.

But some online shoppers ask for money back even when they have received the product, a practice called cyber shoplifting.

Online retail advocate “Chargebacks911” points out that nationally this costs billions of dollars a year, and hurts more than the company affected.

“I have a merchant that’s impacted by an unexpected refund. So they don’t know that their balance looks different. Two, they’re out of product, right? So what does that do — it eventually increases prices in the market right for us long term,” said Pel Faquiryán, Chargebacks911.

And can affect company operations long term as well.

“If you are a merchant that consistently happens, and folks know that you are targeted, that can really impact you in terms of increasing your customer base,” said Faquiryán.

She adds a significant number of cyber shoplifters start out as legitimate customers before committing shoplifting fraud.

Those cases alone have risen more than 40 percent in just the last two years.