JOPLIN, Mo. — Tens of millions of dollars – that’s how much Joplin city leaders say they’ll collect from sales tax in the next budget year. But where does it all come from?

“Mexican food, I love Mexican food. That’s probably my favorite,” said Jennifer Madrid, Door Dash diner.

Jennifer Madrid loves DoorDash. She’s been ordering meals for five years now and even was a DoorDash driver at one point.

“It’s very convenient, especially when you work long hours just being able to do that,” said Madrid.

It’s that growth of meal delivery services like DoorDash that could be the boost that’s showing more Joplin dollars being spent through restaurants.

“The world is changing with online options or delivery options. And I think over time, you’re going to be able to see that in the change of the categories,” said Leslie Haase, Joplin City Finance Dir.

Joplin City Finance Director Leslie Haase sales sales tax comparisons show local shoppers are spending more money not just on meals, but also at discount stores and building homes.

“Construction, Home Improvement restaurants,” said Haase.

Meanwhile, other purchases are trending down, including a slight decrease in grocery spending as well as general retail buys.

“Through the second quarter, whatever vehicles are down which I have expected with interest rates where they are, I do think by the third quarter we may see more about that motor vehicles are being impacted even more for the whole year,” said Haase.

Joplin’s 2024 will also see a boost with the new local marijuana sales tax, expected to bring in 300-500 thousand dollars.

But that will likely be used to offset hundreds of thousands of dollars in other revenue decreases, including the manufacturing equipment sales tax.