Ezra is the big brother, he’s a pro. He assured us he’s ridden the bus before. Izaiah is the little brother and he’s going to be in Kindergarten this year at Irving Grade School in Joplin. Mom, Regan, gave us permission to follow them through the stations of bus safety at Bus Camp. It was super fun!

The ‘Bus Camp’ was held for the incoming Kindergarten kids. The first 100 got a t-shirt but there were plenty of goodies all day long.

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Eddie the Eagle was there to greet the kids for pics. Also the different safety stations were staffed by bus drivers, transportation staff and support staff and family volunteers! Thank you so much Joplin R-8 for your work on this project.

This is the first year they have presented bus camp. Joplin News First follower and mom, Michelle posted, “We just finished with it! My daughter had a blast :).”

Mom and Joplin News First friend, Shelby, had kudos for the transportation department that were echoed by many other parents and grandparents today, “I appreciate all the hard work they put into [today] my daughter is so excited about buses now!

Thanks to Regan and Dakota Harwood for allowing us to spend time with your awesome boys. Their family is expecting a little girl as baby #3 arrives this fall ❤️

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